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10+ Best WordPress Appointment Booking Plugins 2022

Looking for the best WordPress arrangement booking modules to get and oversee appointments through your site?

Regardless of whether you need to acknowledge appointments for singular schedule openings (for example a rec center instructional meeting) or whole days (for example an excursion investment property), you have huge loads of marvelous WordPress modules that can assist you with taking care of business.

In this post, we’ve gathered your 12 most ideal alternatives, including both free and premium modules. Regardless of how you need to function with appointments on your WordPress site, you ought to have the option to locate a decent arrangement on this rundown.

Best WordPress Appointment Booking Plugins for 2022

There is a lot of modules to cover, so how about we hop directly into the subtleties.

1. BookingPress

All misconceptions about free WordPress plugins will be dispelled by the BookingPress WordPress Plugin. It is very adaptable, high-quality, and suitable for all types of service-based businesses.

It is a simplistic WordPress plugin that streamlines the online booking process and gives you complete control over your appointment management. It is appropriate for any service-based business such as a barbershop, spa, tutors, consultants, wedding planners, dealers, home inspection, doctors, rental property agents, gym and yoga trainers, and restaurants.

BookingPress plugin

Key Features:

  • Best class frontend and backend responsive design.
  • Appointment Booking System that is completely customizable.
  • Service options in advance with extras selection
  • Advanced staff dashboard for employees.
  • Invoicing functionality with PDF support.
  • Booking forms and customer panels are completely customizable.
  • Popular page builders are supported. (Elementor, Gutenberg, and so on.)
  • Integration of 15+ new online payment gateways (PayPal, Razor Pay, Stripe, etc.)
  • Offline payment is possible.
  • Custom booking fields with hide/show conditions.
  • Suitable for a variety of businesses.
  • Cart functionality for multiple bookings.
  • Prepared for translation.
  • Calendar integrations with Google, Apple, and Outlook.
  • Analysis and advanced reports
  • Notifications via WhatsApp and SMS.
  • Email notifications can be customized.
  • Customer service is available 24/7.

Because BookingPress has a very simple interface, no coding or design skills are required. And, best of all, you can get it for free on WordPress right now and start accepting bookings in the blink of an eye.

2. Simply Schedule Appointments

Simply Schedule Appointments

Basically, Schedule Appointments is a genuinely new arrangement module that is rapidly filling in fame because of its straightforward, smoothed-out interface.

It plans to give you all the significant highlights that you require without adding any bulge that disrupts everything. In general, I’d say that it does a very great job of achieving that objective.

The interface makes it simple to add administrations/suppliers, and there’s an onboarding wizard that encourages you rapidly get ready for action with all the nuts and bolts.

Generally, this module is extraordinary for booking explicit schedule openings, for example, for salons and exercise centers.

Key Features

  • Easy to use front-end booking structures
  • Add custom fields to booking structures and alter styles
  • Send an adaptable email and SMS notices (like arrangement updates)
  • Acknowledge installments by means of PayPal or Stripe
  • Coordinate with other modules/devices, including a catch-all Zapier reconciliation
  • Sync with Google Calendar
  • Set custom working hours/booking rules
  • Power outage on certain dates (like occasions)
  • Offer classes or gathering occasions
  • Track transformations
  • Deal with different areas/staff individuals (this is as yet being developed at the time that I’m composing this post)

3. Amelia


Amelia is a cleaned arrangement booking module that makes an incredible alternative on the off chance that you need something that will simply work directly out of the container. When you introduce it, you get full reserving usefulness free of charge/paid arrangements and an advanced interface.

For engineers who like to fiddle, notwithstanding, Amelia isn’t exactly just about as adaptable as a portion of these other modules with regards to adding your own code customizations. So in case you’re a DIY-type who needs to get in and redo things, you may incline toward an alternate arrangement.

Yet, in general, for easygoing clients, Amelia is unquestionably outstanding amongst other WordPress arrangement booking modules. Not exclusively does this interface look extraordinary for both you and your clients, yet it additionally accompanies huge loads of valuable highlights. Indeed, it presumably has the lengthiest implicit component rundown of any module on this rundown.


On the off chance that you need to see a more itemized look, you can look at our full survey of the Amelia module.

Key Features

  • Offer an extremely easy to understand front-end booking experience — you can either offer complete booking structures or separate structures for singular workers/administrations
  • Supports different administrations/workers/areas
  • Add custom fields to booking structures
  • Acknowledge installments for arrangements by means of PayPal or Stripe
  • Offer coupons/limits
  • Allow clients to plan repeating arrangements
  • Allow clients to oversee arrangements from the front-end
  • Arrange working hours/breaks at the assistance/worker level
  • Send email or SMS warnings
  • Sync with Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar

4. Start Booking

Start Booking

Begin Booking is definitely not a local WordPress arrangement module. All things considered, it’s a SaaS arrangement administration that you can undoubtedly incorporate into your WordPress site because of a devoted module.

Since it’s a SaaS device, StartBooking offers a truly smoothed-out, hands-off interface and bunches of valuable highlights. Notwithstanding, in case you’re a designer, you will not have the option to tweak the fundamental code, which is an interesting point.

By and large, this makes it extraordinary for easygoing clients searching for something that is without the support and “simply works”, however perhaps not incredible for hobbyists.

Key Features

  • Incorporate with WordPress through a committed module
  • Offer easy to use front-end booking structures
  • Add custom fields on a case by case basis
  • Offer both free and paid administrations
  • Acknowledge classes and gathering appointments
  • Make different areas and staff individuals, each with novel working hours and breaks
  • Acknowledge installments by means of Stripe
  • Sync with Google Calendar

5. JetAppointment


JetAppointment is a booking module that is explicitly intended to work with Elementor. So in case you’re utilizing Elementor (our audit), you’ll unquestionably need to look at this one. Nonetheless, in case you’re not utilizing Elementor (and don’t have any desire to add it to your site), you’ll need to go with an independent arrangement module.

I would likewise say that, while the arrangement interaction gives you a great deal of adaptability, it’s additionally not the most amateur well-disposed choice. You’ll have to physically add custom fields, which can feel a bit overpowering for a beginner. In any case, for a forced client, you’ll appreciate that you can alter everything as per your requirements.

Key Features

  • Coordinates with the Elementor page developer module
  • Charge for arrangements on your site by means of a WooCommerce joining
  • Add different administrations/suppliers
  • Alter your booking structure utilizing simplified, and add your own custom fields depending on the situation
  • Make different booking structures, including an alternative to make committed single-administration structures
  • Different arrangement designs
  • Set the greatest limit with respect to booking spaces
  • Add a support time in the middle of arrangements
  • Set custom days off (for example occasions) and working hours

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6. WP Booking System

WP Booking System

WP Booking System is a freemium booking module that, as the picture above proposes, is more focused on assisting individuals with making appointments for investment properties or hardware (like a boat).

Hence, it doesn’t accompany the hour-by-hour executives + breaks that you may get with some other modules. All things being equal, it’s more centered around entire day appointments, which might work for your requirements.

Key Features

  • Show a front-end booking schedule and booking structure
  • Acknowledge online installments by means of different entryways, including Stripe, PayPal, and a WooCommerce combination
  • Offer coupons and limits
  • Confine appointments on specific days
  • Set a base number of days that an individual should book
  • Send booking warning messages

7. Bookly Pro

Bookly Pro

With more than 33,000 deals, Bookly Pro is the most mainstream WordPress arrangement booking module at Envato’s CodeCanyon commercial center, where it’s likewise kept a 4.55-star rating on right around 1,000 audits.

By means of its center highlights and countless premium extra modules, you get a lot of alternatives for making a booking framework that is modified to your requirements. Be that as it may, in the event that you need heaps of additional items, the expense can rapidly add up.

Key Features

  • Polished front-end booking structures, including a possibility for guests to book various arrangements in a single activity
  • Show numerous administrations/workers
  • Show limitless booking structures for various administrations
  • Set custom timetables for various representatives/administrations
  • Add custom fields to structures
  • Incorporates with Zapier to assist you with associating different devices
  • Coordinates with Zoom for online arrangements
  • Sync with Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar
  • Send SMS and email warnings
  • Acknowledge online installments (counting a WooCommerce joining). There are likewise loads of additional items for greater installment passages, like 2Checkout, Authorize.net, and that’s just the beginning.

8. Booked


Booked is another mainstream arrangement booking module at CodeCanyon, where it has more than 11,800 deals with an adequate 4.31-star rating on more than 340 surveys.

There are no huge element contrasts that make Booked stick out from a portion of different choices on this rundown. Be that as it may, it has a decent-looking interface, so you may lean toward what it looks like to a portion of different choices.

One other pleasant element is that you can make a front-end zone for your staff individuals to deal with their own approaching arrangement demands.

Key Features

  • Make limitless front-end booking structures
  • Add custom fields to your booking structures
  • Acknowledge installments by means of a WooCommerce combination
  • Allow specialists to oversee appointments from a front-end dashboard
  • Sync your meetings with Apple Calendar, Outlook, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg (only single direction sync)
  • Permit unknown visitor booking or expect clients to enroll
  • Add custom working hours, get-away days, occasions, and so forth

9. Easy Appointments

Easy Appointments

Simple Appointments is a mainstream freemium WordPress arrangement booking module that makes a decent choice for those on a tight spending plan.

It accompanies a decent number of highlights, but at the same time, it’s adaptable with its Bootstrap-based designs, custom fields, and mass associations developer.

Key Features

  • Make limitless front-end booking structures
  • Add custom fields to booking structures
  • Add adaptable time tables to control the accessibility
  • Supports various areas, administrations, and laborers
  • Send adjustable email warnings (free) or Twilio SMS notices (paid)
  • Acknowledge online installments through a committed PayPal reconciliation or a WooCommerce joining
  • Two-path sync with Google Calendar
  • Allow clients to add arrangements to iCalendar

10. LatePoint


LatePoint is another famous arrangement booking module at CodeCanyon, where it’s been bought more than 1,900 times while keeping a great 4.90-star rating on more than 110 surveys.

Something that truly stands out about this module is its advanced, smoothed-out front-end booking interface. It has a truly smooth framework that all occurs inside an easy-to-use popup — no page reloads required.

By and large, I would say that LatePoint has truly outstanding out-of-the-case front-end interfaces of any device on this rundown, up there with Amelia and the following participant. It additionally has some interesting highlights, like an inherent talk framework.

Key Features

  • Make limitless arrangement booking structures
  • Add custom fields to booking structures
  • Set custom timetables by day, hour, and so forth
  • Backing numerous areas, administrations (counting a choice to coordinate them with classifications), and representatives/suppliers
  • Show front-end profile pages for specialist co-ops (for example representatives)
  • Talk with clients and even send them documents
  • Make devoted dashboards for every specialist
  • Send custom notices through email or SMS (Twilio)
  • Offer social login
  • Allow your clients to deal with their appointments from the front-finish of your site (this interface additionally looks incredible)
  • Acknowledge online installments
  • Offer coupon codes

11. Booknetic


Like Amelia and LatePoint, Booknetic is another booking module that separates itself from a truly present-day and cleaned out-of-the-case insight for both you and your clients. Everything looks incredible immediately, and you have implicit highlights for the vast majority of the significant things you could need.

Notwithstanding, the disadvantage is that, likewise like Amelia, it’s not as adaptable in the event that you need to accomplish something past the underlying highlights. So once more, this makes it an incredible alternative for easygoing clients, yet perhaps not the best for engineers who need something they can dabble with.

Key Features

  • Present-day front-end and back-end interfaces
  • Simplified structure developer
  • Control arrangement accessibility with custom working hours, cushion times, occasions, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg
  • Add different administrations/workers/areas
  • Accuse of appointments of PayPal/Stripe or a WooCommerce mix
  • Offer coupons/limits
  • Make bunch arrangements or repeating arrangements
  • Two-path sync with Google Calendar
  • Send adjustable notices through email or SMS
  • Connection staff individuals with WordPress accounts so every one of them can get their own custom dashboard

Which Is the Best WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin?

As is consistently the situation with any module list, the best WordPress arrangement booking module will rely upon your requirements and financial plan. In any case, I can make a couple of proposals.

On the off chance that you need something with the best out-of-the-container experience, I would suggest beginning with Amelia, LatePoint, or Booknetic. Every one of the three has truly present-day interfaces on both the front-end and back-end and accompany loads of valuable implicit highlights.

Notwithstanding, simply know that, in case you’re a designer who likes to dabble, you will not have as much adaptability as a portion of the more extensible choices, so these three do have some compromises.

Then again, in the event that you need something more lightweight (yet that actually has all the highlights you require), Simply Schedule Appointments is an incredible alternative that is additionally somewhat simpler for engineers to change.

JetAppointment is worth, as well, considering in case you’re constructing your site with Elementor.

Furthermore, in the event that you need to acknowledge entire day appointments for an investment property (or something comparable), look at WP Booking System, Calendarista, or HBook.

Do you actually have any inquiries regarding picking the best-reserving module for your necessities? Ask away in the remarks segment!

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